Entry: Adventures at Forever21

I have to admit..I love working at Forever 21. I love being around all the garments and around fashion feins alike. Also it's basically like your shopping the whole time your there or as if your the mannequins personal stylist. At the moment I'm just a sales associate on the side, but I'm starting to train to be a Visual Merchandiser. So While I'm there I thought I would twist what's going on in my specific store with things on DTY. So there might be updates on current themes in F21, music from the stores playlist, New hot items, Sales, & Pictures of the mannequins. Which get changed often. So let me know what interest you and what will give you inspiration.

F21 current Theme: The theme of the moment in the store is "Resort" so each room in designed to fit each separate them. Like High Tea, Dinner at 8, Yacht, By the pool and more. We recently received a lot of nautical items, such as jewels and a lot of the themes revolve around the "nautical" theme also.

Hot Match: Mixing and matching Florals with stripes and military inspired jackets is a must!

BoomBox: Currently my favorite song in rotation! Anything with a crazy bass is on my A list.

Sales: There's a huge sale going on. F21 doesn't always have big sales. All the items that didnt go with the Holidays are on sale now. So go grab a over coat for 30% off.

WTF?: New to F21 is a pile of books stacked near the register. As soon I seen them, I was like "No they did not just put a Robert Pattinson lookbook at the register!!" Tempting...But I don't think my Twilight obsession should get any more severe. At least I can get a fix at work!

F21 Spring 2010

Of course there will be heavy shipments for Spring, but check out the lookbook for sneaks on what you can look forward too.


Alina said...

awesome post, I love forever 21, they have affordable trendy pieces :)


inked said...

:) yup. They got some cool stuff