Nails Did: Ash from Chicago


Jae said...

does she have a blog or something i want to see more these are hott!

SAUCY | eff. | BABY said...

LOVE the first pic. The chains & pearls are hot!


mari said...

yeah i agree w/ the comments, where can we see more? i love love love the keith haring inpirations.

Crumz said...

Hey Ladies.
I just started a blog, so I don't have pics up yet, but trust me there will be more pics of nails coming soon.
Come visit me, Im super excited to be featured on dont-trip-yets blog!
Lots of love,

EDEN said...

Whoot Whoot! That's my ChiChi Lee, no offense to anyone. Check her blog out here, she just started it so it's in the process www.astrowifey.blogspot.com, thatnks everyone so much for the comments!

Strutt said...

love those nails. I need to get mine did... they're looking a little bland atm