Sigma Makeup

These are hands down the best brushes you will ever get for your money. The lovely people over at sigma makeup sent me a complete brush set AND brush roll. The total for that package is around 100 dollars, which is less than 3 MAC brushes, and included in your complete set you get TWELVE professional brushes. And they come delivered to you in this beautiful sheer bag

The value of these brushes is no joke, the brush roll is this very nice leather, all of the brushes are comparable to MAC brushes (in terms of uses), but I feel as though the might even surpass them in quality. They feel so soft, and they have a brush for your every need. They are simply AMAZING. So all my makeup lovers out there, SAVE YOUR MONEY, and just buy the set from Sigma Makeup, you will NOT regret it!

I’m actually trying to get my hands on the premium set now! I cannot stop raving about these brushes! If you end up ordering some, let us know how you liked them, and tell them DTY sent ya!

click here to head over to Sigma Makeup.

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