V.V. In Wonderland. . .

Here at Don't Trip...Yet, we love Jasmin also known as Vintage Vandalizm . This amazing woman always surprises me with her great sense of style and her personal twists to her every day outfits. As you can tell, she doesn't march to the beat of the Fashion world's drums but to her own, If you're not familiar with her, well get with it. Trust me, you will be seeing more of her....
Now one of her recent posts just blew me away, my mouth was open! I was like
"wow she really did this?!"
If you see the following images you'll understand why....

It is pretty obvious what her inspiration behind this was, the movie "Alice in Wonderland" of course. This movie is highly anticipated which drops March 5th! I cannot wait to see this movie and see one of these lovely outfits in person ;)

My favorite has to be the White Rabbit costume along with the Madd Hatter!

Great job Jasmin! I also suggest for you guys to add her website to your 'Daily Reads'...... and visit her website to see more images and details!

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vintagevandalizm said...

Omg just saw this! Thank you so much!