Eclipse Poster

I can speak for Whitney and I that we both LOVE the Twilight Series. Go ahead and roll your eyes but the storyline speaks to us and makes us all giddy inside!
Today the Eclipse official poster has been released and all I can say is 98 more days!!!! Whitney I think you should come to NYC so we can both see this together, and any DTY reader can join us ;)

BTW, did everyone get their New Moon dvd??


Whitney said...

first off i love you for posting this haha...& hellz yeah ill go to NY for the opening haha I got the dvd from target

Kay ♥ said...

I got that one too! I hope wtforks.com does something again for this like they did for new moon if so you better come!!!!!! When is DTYs bday??

TiffanyMonet said...

Thanks for posting this! I loved the book and I hope the movie is just as good! xo T