MOSHADEE: "The Progression" Mixtape

Download: The Progression Finally it's here! I've been waiting for this to drop for a while, ever since the "what ya say" freestyle that was featured on one of our DTY mixtapes. But i realize the best things take time. Ima go listen to it now...so download it, load it, & bump it & just let it progress!!

Update: So I'm listening right & this shit's fuckin awesome. Don't miss out! haha

The Progression reflects my growth both musically and as a person. I’ve gone through a lot of transitions as an artist. I feel like this project represents how genuine I am, something my music is able to portray. It’s gonna show the world what I’m truly about. Every song describes a situation that took place on the trek towards my dream, which I’m still on route to reaching. “The Progression” was put together to inspire anyone reaching towards something others may consider risky. I uncovered some of the events and feelings that occur during ones quest to discover true undeniable passion. From the grind and the hustle, to the feeling of glory and success all combined into one. We only live once, let’s live it how we want

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Josie B. said...

LOVEEE this mixtape :)