Vintage Royalty Jewelry

I am always looking for the cutest affordable accessories out there because it can def make any plain boring outfit more alive , don`t you think?? So when I discovered Vintage Royalty I fell in love with her recent collection! The prints are beautiful and I love the look they have to them!

"..this was inspired by the beautiful people of Africa and the beautiful vintage-loving girls out there. Influences include Boxing Kitten, vintage floral prints, and the movie 'Coming To America. "

"I thought to create earrings that describe all the different girls, all the different trends, all the different fashionistas out there. Each piece has it's own personality. Go through the selections that we have and find the one that describes YOU, your friend, your co-worker, whoever. We also specialize in making everything UNIQUE for your preference. If you like the style, but not the color...let us know and we can change it. If you like everything but the size, we can make it bigger, we can make it smaller. If you want your earrings as brooches, we can do that TOO!!!
Vintage Royalty is the very first fiber made jewelry line to specialize in vintage inspired pieces, unique for every single customer."

Visit the Etsy shop to see more pieces!! I can`t wait to get my hands on some and wear them this Fall!

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