I love: L'Oreal 360 Clean

I hate buying shit that doesn't do what it advertises. I took the risk & brought this 360 Clean scrub, because my skin needs some serious therapy. It works amazingly and was definitely worth the 5 dollars. It does exactly what it says it does..it makes your pores smaller, takes away the dry skin (eww gross) & it's gentle. I thought it was to soft to be working but I was wrong! Oh and it comes with that convenient little scrubber that is hidden in the bottle for easy access, perfect for on the go type of ladies.


M I N G said...

So might have to cop this on my trip to walmart..

BuzyGurl said...

hmmmmm.. I have been meaning to try this . Going to have to buy it !

The D.O.N Administration said...

Thanks, I'm gonna try this! You're awesome!