2011: Can't Wait for...

2011 Movies
Yes, 2010 is almost over, and even though it is the start of something new, we really shouldn't wait until it hits 12:00 to start living a different life. Although 2011 will bring alot of new things to look forward to...like new calendars, tax returns, & upcoming movies! It's a exciting list and I plan on being there for the drop of all of these & more..

My week with Marilyn

Dramatic Biography about Marilyn Monroe...It's about time!

Midnight in Paris
Romantic Comedy set in the 1920's, in Paris!! Sounds amazing with the added bonus of Owen Wilson & Rachel McAdams!

Hangover 2

Stu's getting married, and if this bachelors party anymore unforgettable as the last one..it will be classic!
Ahhh.. Alan's attire already has me rolling. "Is he seriously going to wear that?"

Mr. Poppers Penguins
Jim Carey's in it. He is one of my favorite comedians, so I am definitely down to see this movie, which is based on a popular children's book.

Zoe plays a girl who, as a child seen a drug dealer murder her parents, she later in life becomes a trained killer and seeks out the man who once killed her family. | Zoe is amazing and has been proving so by appearing in some more challenging roles, such as this one. I can't wait until I see the trailer, which will help me decide whether I plan on seeing this drama.

Everything Must Go
Will Ferrel plays a character that loses his job, wife leaves him & all his things on there front lawn. I can only imagine where the story will take off from there, but with Will as the main character it's definitely going to be funny!

Take Me Home Tonight

The Dilemma

Transformers 3

Friends with Benefits

Breaking Dawn pt. I
I'm sure we all are anticipating this one, November 18th 2011 just seem too far away!! I know I can not wait until the first trailer drops and even more, where exactly are they stopping the first story to start the next? So many questions... The only real worry for me is if the movie will do the book any justice, I'd rather have them take forever with it and make it amazing than rush it and make it disappointing on the final chapters!

Harry Potter

I'm not the biggest Harry Potter fan, but once you watch one your stuck watching the rest. I admit I cried when Dobby died he was so down for Harry...and they always leave the movie off at the illest parts! I'm always like WTF? Now I have to wait another year to see what the ugly evil guy does with the all powerful wand...can I live?!

Of course these are not the only movie to look forward to, there a huge list of great movies coming out, including the infamous Tom & Jerry finally hitting the big screen, Bad Boys, Martin Lawrence & Will Smith are coming back for the third time, and Adam Sandler is going to be hilarious in Jack & Jill. Check Out the Full List


Material Girls said...

I want to see them all! =)

Thanks for sharing! =)


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