LIVE: Warpaint

Last night at Great Scott in Boston, I seen Warpaint LIVE. All the bands where amazing! The opening bands Family band, & Rewards started off the show opening for Warpaint. Each band had there own style and it all made for a fun, complex, entertaining night. The venue is a small one so it made for a very personal experience, we stood only a few steps away from the stage and everyone in the crowd was dancing away. As for Warpaint, the drummer left everyone struck, she was so good and they all nailed the tracks perfectly as if we where in a recording session. All the ladies of this group are so talented they all took turns with vocals and even the drummers switched up. They also played around on stage and made jokes and even did an encore after the crowd decided not to leave.. which left us with there amazing song Majesty. The perfect song to end the night on. After the show the ladies came right off the stage and into the crowd and hung around with everyone, smoked cig's on the ave. and sipped some wine. They made it a party, which made it all that much more amazing. I would love to see them again, and if there coming to your area make sure you get your tickets in advance because this show was SOLD OUT!!

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