New Music: Moshadee : Grove Street

I've really been looking forward to this! Moshadee drops his second official mixtape "Grove Street". Still to this day I listen to his last mixtape "The Progression", so I can't wait to see what more Moshadee has to offer. Now a little description from Mo...

"Grove Street is the block I grew up on. Even though this is my second project, I feel as though this is a better introduction of who I am. I lived on Grove for eleven years. From the tender age of five up until my teenagers years. All the memories and lessons I’ve had while living there have been summed up and put into this tape. Not everything is Grove Street related, but the overall feel brings me back to those days. My best work yet, I’m sure listeners will feel the same." - Moshadee

Downlod: "Grove Street" by Moshadee

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