Who's That Girl?! Isis Nicole Q&A With Ahredakar Rhea Carter

Okay so I'm going to try to introduce Rhea Carter while quickly letting you know who I am. Goodness this is hard because I don't want to take away from who she is...SOOOOO, here it goes. I'm Isis Nicole, Columbia College Chicago undergrad who loves music and fascinating people. I first saw Rhea on her blog ahredakar then soon after at this Taraiji P. Henson interview held on campus in the lobby we both happened to be in. I wanted to say "Ooo gurl I luh yo hair!" because at the time she had this funky purple and blue colour and she was this beautiful beautiful girl I had not seen during the icy cold winter in Chicago. But this guy standing beside me beat me to it, she smirked and walked away. Intimidating? Not so much. Had enough of guys taunting her? Who knows maybe. I was just salty he took my compliment right out of my mouth and I never got a chance to say what I wanted to say. Anyways, I mustered up the guts to at least ask her for a q&a and sure enough my wish was granted :-) . I know people are going ape sh*t over blogging these days. Everyone has one. But Ahredakar has got something special. I admire her dedication and ability to recreate from whatever she finds at thrift stores. She's a gem. See for yourself after the jump!

Name Rhea Carter

Hometown Chicago

Age 19

Most known for?
My colorful hair I believe and fashion

Unknown for?
My drawings =(

Favorite thrift store find?
Vintage Chanel purse =)

Coined blognology?
Make something out of nothing

Sexiest song you have ever heard?
I Believe In A Thing Called Love - The Darkness

Sexiest thing someone has ever done for you?
Nothing, my love life sucks lol

How did ahredakar come about?
I have always wanted to make a blog and I just felt like it wouldn't be me if I didn't try to promote a positive message behind it.

Why tumblr rather than any other blog space?
Haha my friends had a huge effect on that choice and after totally not understanding it for months I finally got the hang of it.

What is the motivation behind your blog?
Oh, there are so many motivations but mainly the beauty in thrift stores and recreating. To be able to find life in something others found worthless. It's beauty in almost everything and I hope to inspire others to see and create it.

Besides ahredkar, are there any other projects you work on?
Yess , hehehe I've been working on a line of recycled dresses made from some of the most random materials, but upcoming I've been planning to make a online store side project. I'm a crew member of The Hip Hop Democratic.

Is there ever a moment you feel limited in creating (and or recreating) the right outfit? If yes, what do you do to get pass that bump? If no, how do you always posse that creative energy?
It has been pretty opposite from that, I feel myself up with so many ideas that most of the projects I start are never completed. It's been hard trying to balance everything but I'm dedicating this summer into doing so.

What is your favorite piece you’ve created?
A awesome varsity jacket that I will post a picture of one day.

What blogging trends would you like to see disappear?
The "I don't give a fuck attitude." I think that's the problem now-a-days no one gives a fuck. And we honestly should be caring more based on the way this world seems to be turning out.

What fashion trends would you like to see disappear?
Jordans ! lol

How do you deal with some of the negativity that comes from other bloggers who for the most part remain, anonymous?
Always defeat someones negative comments with a joke, two negative people never win.

Has anyone tried to jack or been busted for for biting off of you yet?
Lol alot of bloggers point others out to me, but never see it as them trying to be like me. I don't mind at all and will not be doing any call outs ;) might even give them a heart lol.

Do you take gif requests?
Yeah well often people ask me to make them one. I still have no idea how to make a video gif...that pisses me off

Who, besides a family member, do you find inspirational and why?
2pac because he truly died for what he believed in which is telling the people the truth, and giving back to the communities. I also am inspired by Dr. Seuss

Any advice to aspiring artists?
We all have to start somewhere , your journey begins as soon as you make your first step.

[Images via Ahredakar]

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