Music Video: 'Warning Shotz' By Tara King

Recording artist and fashion designer Tara King has released her newest music video for the single “Warning Shotz”, produced by Dem Jointz (Kelly Price, SWV, Krys Ivory) and I want more and can't wait to see what's next!

"The visuals for ‘Warning Shotz’ are aggressive because the song is about empowering yourself and not allowing anyone to disrespect you,” says Tara King. “People can’t just say or do whatever they want to you without expecting a reaction. I wanted to encourage people who don’t usually do so, to speak up for themselves."

Tara King and fashion partner, Diana Nineth (@DianaNineth), designed all of the clothing featured in the “Warning Shotz” video and styled the entire shoot. While working on the video the two made a decision to start their own line of women’s clothing called Mama Doña, set to be released in the next few months. Ladies I want first dibs on exclusives and sneak peeks!

'Warning Shotz' is the first single off her upcoming EP, ‘Kissed By a Bullet… Shot By Love’, which is scheduled to be released independently on August 16. Be sure to click here for free 'Warning Shotz' download and more music by Tara King.

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