Delikate Rayne

Earlier this week I got an email from Delikate Rayne, a Los Angeles based female clothing company recently launched by sisters Komie and Meg, and I'm so happy I checked em out. I've been under a sassy spell looking for the perfect dress to compliment my nightlife fantasies and I think I found the perfect one. I'll share some of my favorite pieces with you (...like the 'Bella Donna' soft text ambigram crop tee), but for more designs from Delikate Rayne click here.

A little side note:
There is a particular piece that is the standout piece of this collection (please see Style DR004, under the collections link on our website). A garment that can be worn in multiple ways allowing for versatility, convenience and a great display of creativity. The garment can be worn in 4 obvious ways but the possibilities are endless. Wear as a:
  • tank top
  • dress
  • solid crop top
  • crop top with a graphic

When worn as a dress or as a tank top since the graphic is an ambigram depending which way you wear it, the graphic will read two different things. Wear the graphic at the top for it to read one thing, when you flip the garment upside down, the graphic will appear at the bottom reading another word. Four shirts for the price of one. Different place. Different word. Different look. Your choice. Not into graphics? Then check out the solid 2-in1 (Style DR012)

----Delikate Rayne

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