Who's That Girl?! Isis Nicole Q&A With Iggy Azalea

This is the year of the fly girl and Iggy Azalea ain't wasting no time to shine. I found out about the Australian goddess through a post by Brass and was instantly hooked to her long legs and lyrics. Yup, Iggy got bars and a decent amount of confidence to compliment her steeze. But who could ever resist a chick killing hard ass beats? If you're a sucker for ponytails, nails, graphics, gold, denim and Hip-Hop then you'll have fun getting to know Iggy Azalea a bit more after the jump.

Name Iggy Azalea

Hometown Middle of nowhere Australia, since adopted by LA, California

Age 21

Blog I don't run my own blog but my official fan blog is iggyazalea.tumblr.com

Best go-to-spot for nails and hair
My hair is so long it's too expensive to get it done at a salon, so I do it myself! But the best nail spot is Carmen on Spring and 9th Downtown LA!

3 words that describe your style The. New. Classic

Most Known For My raps

Unknown For My cakes! I'm quite the baker… my friends love them.

I was recently introduced to your music video “Pu$$y” through a blog post. When did you pursue rapping and what was your inspiration behind the song?

I first started rapping at age 14 in Australia then moved to the States at age 16 to pursue it after dropping out of high school. I knew without a shadow of doubt there was a place for me in Hip-Hop, although in retrospect - I was pretty crappy! Thankfully with lots of practice, I got better progressively. My inspiration behind the video for "Pu$$y" was actually the movie "Friday" but once I started brainstorming with friends, the concept got a life of its own. Sonically "Pu$$y"is the Part II of "2x", which is a freestyle video. People kept telling me they wished "Pu$$y" was a full song so I made one in the spirit of "2x"

2x’s is clever as f**k, who created the graphics and concept for it?

Thank you! My idea was to do something lighthearted to contrast the harshness of what was being said in the song. The cats and everything happening on my crotch were meant as a double metaphor and also kind of a 'fuck you' to a lot of people who at the time were telling me I needed to be more 'sexy'. I felt like fuck them! If I want to get my boobs or vagina out it'll be on my own terms! I grew up in a small town in Australia so animation and drawing was always a hobby of mine that kept me.

I learned of your love for Jean-Michel Basquiat, Tupac, Grace Kelly, and Ned Kelly, all very unique individuals with different functions in their lifetime. Do you consider your work to be a reflection of their existence?

I consider my work to be a reflection of my own existence because a person can only authentically be a product of their OWN struggles and successes. All the people you've mentioned I feel drawn to because there is something within each of them that I identify with. I empathize with the above characters. I try to expose the greats I steal from, rather than hide it like other artists because I want to create awareness and encourage others to go check them out and dig into the history of it all and take their own inspiration from these people. I'm sick of seeing "Scarface" references in videos and I want to introduce everyone to the people I believe are the true greats.

With the popularity of groups like the white girl mob, does this at all influence your position in hip-hop?

On a personal note, I can't let them influence me because I've been on this path, my own path, for a long time now. Nothing they do or don't do has the power to change the direction I'm sailing in, and I say that with all do respect. I am an influence and a chief - not an indian! On a business note, the listeners and fans of music are the ones who truly decide my position so you'd have to ask them!

What does it mean to be the catwoman of rap?

This is hard to answer because it was never a self professed title! However it's a title I'll gladly take. When I heard it, it made me feel like I was a mysterious, sexy, powerful rap superhero so that's what it means to me.

You’re such a beautiful girl, do you have any history with modeling?

I was once approached by Elite model management and when I went in to be interviewed they measured my hips only to find they are 38'' which is bigger than the standard sample size. I was told to drop 4 inches from my hips if I wanted to be a model. Naturally I went home that night, ate lots of pizza, and rapped into my computer. I love getting my picture taken but not if it means fighting against my bodies natural shape. It's not healthy.

How do you set yourself apart from so many of the rising internet crazes?

I just be myself, I'll never be them - they'll never be me. Everyone is unique without even having to try! It's when you TRY to be 'different' that shit starts to look the same…

Alongside the Iggy Azalea YouTube channel, are there any other projects you work on?

I'm currently working on my debut project 'Ignorant Art' which is being released mid September on my website iggyazalea.com. I'm also working on a mixtape with a rapper and great friend of mine named YG 400. Our mixtape is called '1990’ and it features remakes of classic Hip-Hop songs from the 90's which is scheduled to be released late October. And after that I start to work on my album entitled 'The New Classic'.

What internet trends would you like to see disappear?

The porn site Tumblr has become. I'm all for nudity but the images I've witnessed are mostly all lacking in creativity. It's just one big blur of sunkissed tits and ass.

What music trends would you like to see disappear?

'White girl rap'. It's not a category at the Grammy's - why is it becoming one in Hip-Hop? I thought it was just 'RAP'. Let's get rid of race defined rap PLEASE.

Who, besides a family member, do you find inspirational and why?

Anyone brave enough to be an innovator is an inspiration to me.

Who’s your favorite upcoming artist(s) right now?

I love all my young west coast artists at the moment! There is an electricity in the city of LA right now and everyone can feel the west coming together and rising back up. I'm Australian but I still feel so proud to be here witnessing it all. All the pu$haz ink boys have a special place in my heart since recording the '1990' project and I'm really excited to see them continue their journeys as artists also.

Any advice to aspiring artists?

Find out who you are, hold onto it for dear life and never let anyone convince you being someone else could ever compare to being YOU.