Behold The Gold: Natalia B Interview With Isis Nicole

Hobbies can become a hustle. Take it from Natalia Durazo, founder of Honey B Gold, an alpha female jewelry line heavy on the shiny metal for fly girl panache. After obsessing over 5'' door knockers, gold hoops, and Hip-Hop, Natalia took jewelry making into her own hands, finding her passion in design. Each one of her pieces embrace a sense of womanhood, fit for the ladies who keep it trill and demand power as well as respect. The flossy bossy Natalia took some time out to share a few words on her start with Honey B Gold, her love for Ghostface Killah, nail art prospects, pieces sent to rapper Iggy Azalea, collaboration with NY based company Yours Truly, and so much more after the jump.

Name Natalia Gold

Hometown Born and partially raised in Los Angeles, currently residing in the Inland Empire.

Most Known for

Making obscene, tacky, jewelry for all the fly bitches.

Unknown for

HOPEFULLY, NOT known for making wack jewelry.

Sexiest thing someone has done for you?

Let me pluck their whole beard in the name of LOVE. I have this obsession with plucking hair, I told him if he didn’t let me do it he didn’t really love me, so he humored me. I heard it’s less painful to take a kick to the bozack than it is to pluck mens facial hair (laughs).

Bitchiest thing someone has done to you or vice versa?

My childhood best friend stole the LOVE of my teenage life from me in 10th grade (laughs). He then put the moves on me my senior year and I let him kiss me in the name of revenge. BOYS!

Let me start by saying that I love the no nonsense vibe Honey B Gold holds. What's the story behind Honey B Gold, why was it created, and why is it important?

Well, Honey B wasn’t something that was necessarily planned. It was more like an unexpected pregnancy. I’ve always had an affinity for big obnoxious jewelry. I was the girl in high school with the 5” door knockers, humongous gold hoop earrings, and three dozen bangle bracelets. I always swore Slick Rick was my biological father. Anyway fast forward to ’06, I got this random idea to paint J Dilla’s album art on a pair of metal heart earrings I already owned. Dilla is one of my favorite producers, and I started rockin them to events and people started requesting custom pieces. I started making money and before you knew it, I had a little jewelry hustle which has now turned into Honey B Gold.

When did you know that this was something special that just had to be out?

I started receiving fan mail before I even knew the line could have fans. I had an immense amount of support from people everywhere. I knew the love and encouragement I was receiving was a sign from the universe to continue doing what I was doing.

A lot of the names in your summer 2011 collection make me think of something like a hardcore rap theme. How do you come up with the titles for your jewelry?

I name my pieces depending on whatever comes to mind. I kind of let the first thing that pops into my head claim the name. Although just an FYI, the name Honey B was inspired by Wu Tang Clan. Shout out to my boo Ghostface Killah aka Starky Love aka Pretty Tone bone till ya moan (laughs). I battled between Killer B and Honey B for a while, but the moment I realized I could relate the word “Honeydip” the decision was clear.

Why gold in the first place?!

Being a huge Hip Hop head I’ve always been drawn to flashy stuff. Gold is the epitome of flash! Plus I’ve never cared much for any other metals. Everything I made included a hint of gold, and it just seemed like the perfect marriage.

I saw the videos you posted of Jessie J and Lola Monroe rockin’ your pieces. You know who else should start if she hasn’t already ready, Honey Cocaine or Iggy Azalea. What do you think?

Wellllll.. I recently sent a care package to Iggy Azalea, so MAYBE we’ll see her rockin’ some Honey soon??

I took note of the hot pink nails in your lookbook, you into nailporn? That would be sweet if you and nail artist(s) could team up and make some dope nail accessories drippy gold style!

Anything that’s flashy, over the top, or just too much makes my heart skip beats. Before I had any real responsibilities you’d catch me at the nail shop two times a week switching up the designs on my hands and feet. Being that my jewelry is handmade, having claws definitely works against me, I tried. So for now I live vicariously through other girls. You seriously gave me a dope ass idea, might have to break you off some royalties (laughs).

You have a love for self made hustlers and bad bitches. But in between all that gritty stuff your collection does share a softer side with insight and advice on relationships, whether it be sex, lust, love or heartbreak. Is there a particular reason to this?

For the most part, most of my pieces are my own personal statements to society, and they’re all so random which makes it super hard to try and put a collection together. Although (if it isn’t obvious) my last collection was inspired by a broken heart. I was going through a very difficult break up and that’s what I felt. I used my outlet as therapy and boom, you got some Alpha female, angry but steezy bitch jewelry.

Who do you consider to be Honey B Gold fly girls and bad bitches?

Fly Girl= Any chick that owns her style, and does it well. Bad Bitch= A strong broad that holds her own, and makes us proud to own vaginas.

Has anyone tried to jack or been busted for biting Honey B Gold yet?

Not that I know of –side eye-

Any new pieces or sneak peeks in store or that you’re able to share for 2012?

I’m currently working on a few different collabos with AMAZING brands, and even one of my favorite female rappers. One project I’m actually releasing within the next few days is the collaboration between Honey B Gold and NY based company Yours Truly. I am beyond excited to see the girlies rock this bad boy.

What is your biggest challenge to date?

Besides myself, the biggest challenge I’ve endured is perfecting my craft. I’m always looking for ways to improve my materials, my techniques, and my delivery. I welcome these challenges.

Where do you want to see Honey B Gold this year?


A successful life for you would be

To be happy, continue to create, and have all my loved ones around me.

Any advice to aspiring artists?

As corny and cliche as this sounds, NEVER GIVE UP. Don't give up on your vision if it doesn't work the first time around. Go back to the drawing board and make a new game plan and try again. Repeat as many times as needed. BELIEVING IS SEEING.

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