Keri Hilson Talks New Album

After taking a brief hiatus from music to focus on other things (or needing a break from the Beyhive), Keri Hilson is back in the studio and putting together a new album. 

In an interview with XXL Magazine Keri confessed she and her staff are currently picking out her first single, which will be her big comeback. 

"I think so. It's my comeback. It has to be. I feel confident about it. I like it. That's all I can control. How it feels to me. It feels like I am gearing up to be back."

When mentioning her new album Keri made it clear, this album was for her fans. 

"I'm really excited for my fans. They've held me down. I almost feel like I didn't take a break because they held me down. They still cared about me. They stuck by me and supported..." 

Her new album, not yet titled will release this year featuring Kanye West, Timbaland and much more. 

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