Neyo Breaks Up With GirlFriend via Instagram

In dramatic 'queen' like fashion, Neyo decided to break up or a announce his break up with long time girlfriend, Monyetta Shaw, the mothet of his child over Instagram.

Yes! Neyo took to his Instagram account to announce to the world him and Monyetta have split! 

He tweegramed an image of them with "I'll always be there. ALWAYS. Forever my miracle." 

I'm unsure if this was to prove something or just a cry for sympathy from fans but what I do know this was down right tacky and embarrassing for Monyetta. 

What do you think? Do you think it was ok for Neyo to announce his break up on Instagram? Leave your thoughts below. 

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DontComeForMe said...

Isn't he gay? He's not fooling anyone. It's pride weekend he wants to be single to get him some boy Pussy.