Rihanna Hits Fan With Microphone

During Rihanna's "Diamonds World Tour" concert in Birmingham, UK, it was reported that she allegedly hit a fan in the face with her microphone on Tuesday night. 

Video has now surfaced of the entire altercation between RiRi and the overly excited fan. 

The, "We found love" singer decided to greet her fans during one of her many performances that night. 

While touching and shaking hands with those in the crowd Rihanna's arm and clothing is seen being pulled on while she walked the front of her stage set.

After being tugged and pulled, bad gal RiRi had enough and clocked a male or female fan in the face with her microphone and continued to put on a performance. 

WOW! Don't mess with RiRi!

She later confirmed on her Instagram that she purposely hit the fan because...

"that bitch won't let me go" -Rihanna 

Don't Trip ...Watch below! 

Do you think her hitting the fan was necessary? Leave your input below. 

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