Woman Involved In Chris Brown Hit And Run Was Scared Of Chris BrownsTattoo's.

The woman, Olga Kovalenko, who was involved in the Chris Brown criminal hit and run accident is still talking. 

This time, in another interview with TMZ, Olga admits she did not know who CB was and all of his tattoo's frightened her. 

As we previously reported Olga said Chris went nuts on her when she tried to snap a picture of him, he was furious. 

On the phone with TMZ she says, 

" He was polite at first, but when I took a picture and asked him for his driver’s license and didn’t get it, he started screaming at me and he got really crazy. He said I have to delete the picture and he tried to grab my phone, but she [Karrueche] stopped him and started screaming at him, ‘Don’t touch her, don’t touch her phone.’ He called me a b*tch and say basically what I think about myself if I’m driving a new Mercedes so I have money and all this kind of stuff.

The girl gave me her driver’s license… that’s the document I have. She wasn’t driving, and they gave me some piece of paper. It was insurance for Lamborghini… expired insurance for Lamborghini. His car wasn’t a Lamborghini so… I never got any driver’s license of him. I didn’t know who he is and I didn’t recognize him.

My blood pressure was so high. It was my first car accident ever and I’m a foreigner, so I was so afraid because first of all, when I first got out of the car he looked scary because it’s a big car and he has lots of tattoo so he looked kind of scary. When everything happened, I got so frustrated and my blood pressure was so high. It was really hard for me emotionally. I’m not planning to sue him. I didn’t want anything. I just do what everybody should did when they get in car accident. I just follow procedure and that’s it. I don’t want anything from him, and It’s not my business what’s going to happen to him." 

I find it strange she doesn't know who Chris Brown is and was able to see his tattoo's through a long sleeved shirt. Are you buying her story? 

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Anonymous said...

Not buying her story. It's bullshit which is exactly why she no longer wants to press charges. She's lying as she goes along.