50 Cent Denies Domestic Violence Against Baby Mama

Earlier this week we reported that rapper 50 cent was charged with Domestic Violence for reportedly kicking the mother of his child, Daphne Joy, and trashing her home. 

50 and his lawyers released a statement to TMZ denying the entire altercation

“Curtis Jackson [50 Cent] denies these allegations as made against him. It is important to note, Mr. Jackson has not been arrested and there is no warrant outstanding for his arrest.”

“We have been in contact with the LA City Attorney’s Office and are currently conducting our own investigation into these allegations.”

If convicted 50 cent could face up to five years in prison and pay $7,000 in damages. 

Update: Wonder how phased 50 cent is about this entire situation? Well hes not phased at all. The Candy Shop rapper is currently on twitter making fun of the incident. 

He tweeted, "I'm not in jail, I'm in my strip club."  
He also attached an image of him not being in jail but in various different sections of his home including his living room, movie theatre and a meditating room. 

As serious as this matter would be to some, 50 doesn't have a care in the world. 

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