Chris Brown Confirms Feature's On New Album & Rihanna Throws Shade OnInstagram?

The Chrihanna saga continues...Their relationship might be over but its not stopping the two from releasing music featuring the other. Insiders claimed Chris was doing everything in his power to keep his ex off of his new album but the record label pushed to keep the feature. 

Yesterday Chris Brown took to his twitter account to confirm Rihanna and a bunch of other celebrities will be featured on his LP 'X'. 
While the fans expressed their excitement for another collaboration from their once favorite couple, in bad gal tradition Rihanna took to her Instagram/Twitter account and set it off. 

The meme attached to the tweet featured a infamous quote from the Puerto Rican princess Joseline Hernandez

Shade or a coincidence? Leave your thoughts below. 

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MamaDee said...

Rihanna crazy Rotfl