Jay-z Interacts With Random Twitter Fans About MCHG

After saying fu** hash tags and retweets and that he was done tweeting for a year straight, Jay-z took to his twitter account to interact with random fans discussing his new album Magna Carta Holy Grail and other randoms. He did start a new rules campaign so I guess he can break his own twitter rule, right? 

Fans didn't believe it was the claimed best rapper alive behind the account so one user went as far as to assume it was Memphis Bleek tweeting, a simple 'you are worthy' response sent twitter into an uproar! Bleek trended instantly. 

He also replied to tweets about his wife Beyoncé, his favorite cereal (captain crunch), freestyles from 95' and various other topics. Most featured short and simple *my laugh* or [facts only] answers.

Interesting to know Jay-z doesn't feel MCHG is his best album, he told a fan "It can fight for 4th" behind Reasonable Doubt, Blue Print I, and The Black Album in that order! 

Nearing the end of his twitter-athon Hov made it clear "anyone requesting interviews to relate to THIS session" refering to his timeline.

Check out some of our favorite tweets below...

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