Shit Bloggers Wear

Once upon a time I used to love Tumblr. While in my dorm, I'd spend most of my time locked in my room, snacks surrounding me and scrolling my tumblr timeline for hours. The different people, styles and inspiration you come across were so fascinating. 

After a while all the inspiration and unique styles began to fade and everything became the same. Could the re-blog function be the worst tumblr invention ever? Maybe. The same Jordan sneakers, designer handbags, tumblr famous kid and food porn found its way to everyone's page. It got so repetitive even bloggers started to look the same.  

Yesterday I was browsing wth and decided to visit the Tumblr world, I came across this page 'Shit Bloggers Wear'. The blog features sketches of your favorite bloggers favorite shit to wear, haha! Check out some of my favorite sketches below, I'm sure you or your 'favorite' blogger has one or all items in their closet. 

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