What's Beef? Azealia Banks Takes Shots At Miley Cyrus

Azealia Banks is no stranger to starting beef with other artist on twitter. She's gotten into it or attempted to get into it with Nicki Minaj, A$AP Rocky, Lil' Kim, Iggy Azalea, Jim Jones and so many more, I mean the list is lengthy. 

This afternoon possibly looking for another argument Banks attempted to get into it with Miley Cyrus, all while trying keep her barely standing career and self relevant she subliminally took a shot at the current 'IT' girl. 
" no but seriously can this weird obsession white girls are having with being "ratchet" go away???.... its actually rather embarrassing.... Don't be a wigger in 2013. "
Retweets travel fast so don't clap unless you want to be clapped back at and in turn down for what fashion, Miley Cyrus clapped back with a simple, 

"Call it what you want. But I don't see Mr. Carter shoutin any of you bitches out. #twerkmileytwerk" 
With an ether like co-sign from Jay-z himself, he retweeted Miley,
"[facts only]."
In unusual fashion Azealia Banks backed down stating her tweets weren't directed at anyone in general, but if the shoe fits, wear it! For some reason, I'm not buying that 'general statement' tweet but stay tuned, we are waiting to see how this one plays out! 

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