Tanea Monique's new beginning ...

-taps mic- 

Is this thing on? 

Hey guys! 

It's been a long time since I've updated here. For those who are wondering what's going on with DTY, I'm unsure. We had hopes of bringing it back but with life, things happen and you sometime grow out of situations. 

Don't Trip ...yet! Was my first shot at writing for a wide audience and I would again like to thank Whitney for giving me a shot! It's been an amazing journey and have given me the tools to branch out on my own. 

Because this is my home but I'm not the boss of this home I decided to branch out on my own and I hope you guys take a chance on a girl who loves fashion, music and entertainment. 

Visit me at www.taneamoniquex.com or follow the action directly on Instagram at @taneamoniquexdotcom   

What I was able to bring here you'll receive that times twenty! 

 It's been real, DTY! <3

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