DTY: Jazmine Sullivan Freeload!

Hey ladies! I haven't had much of a chance to write in the past few days ... but new posts coming shortly! I just wanted to share some music really quick ...

Jazmine Sullivan has been the topic of many conversations lately and I must admit, I love her soulful voice =) So, here is a file put together (not by me) of some of her older as well as new music. Enjoy! 

1. Always Have Jazmine

2. ‘Bout To Get Crazy

3. Braid Your Hair

4. Breaks My Little Heart

5. Bus Stop ft Missy Elliott

6. Feel Nice

7. In Love With Another Man

8. Say I (Live)

9. Backstabbers ft Missy Elliott (produced by Timbaland)

10. Chick With Ambition (Flashing Lights reinterpretation)

11. I Need You Bad

12. Round Midnight (live Thelonius Monk cover)

13. Prototype

14. Resentment (Jazmine wrote this song)

15. Silent Tears

16. Take Over You

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