Katy Perry x FLASHBACK

I'm sure everyone has heard of this girl because of her song "I kissed a girl" that won't stop getting play on the radio, Well I never heard of her or it until someone recommend the album to me in which I purchased. I love her song "Ur So Gay" because her tone of melody on the track, she is defiantly worth the while, check her Myspace or imeem for more if you haven't heard past "I kissed a Girl" already!
Random Fact: Katy Perry appeared at the end of the Gym Class Heroes Video below rocking some door knockers. I love when they freestyle at the party!

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La La said...

i knoowwww i had heard her talk about it in an interview and as soon as she said it i was going straight to youtube and i was like whhaaaaaaaa?!! that is her! lol....lucky bitch hahahaha i love travis mccoy