katy perry
The Warped tour has been hitting every major city where all the lucky people live. If you caught the show your even luckier, If it hasn't hit your neighborhood yet then what the fuck are you doing? Go grasp some money & get a ticket. If you haven't heard about this tour yet you are missing some major knowledge and you just lost all your street cred!! The buses will be carrying Gym Class Heroes, MIA, and Katy Perry just to name a few (click here for appearances).

In the above picture you can see that Miss Perry is rocking a DimePiece tee, How Dope!! Cop' HERE

During the tour a fan, or not called Travis McCoy from GCH a n***a!! After the gentleman spilled the "N" word Trav punched the fan fist to jaw repeatedly. Click Video for visual! I don't support violence or racial comments so I have no comment on the action. But I most Definitely want to hear WHAT YOU THINK???

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