I been searching for the new issue of Missbehave, which is most of the time late on the stands. Like WTF!? So I had this idea that I would cop' the new MissB hop on the train and indulge in the words and color explosive photo's. So that did'nt happen because it was no where to be seen, so I resorted to the closest thing I was interested in and I spotted Kid Sister's mug on this magazine. I cop'ed it and ran to the train before it left my ass.

Venus Zine Review:
Like: I just got it so I havent got to every article but the Kid Sister interview is def. dope & they also featured Amanda Blank on her style which I love. Another plus was their Independent Designer spreads with Nikka Costa modeling some hot shoe's from Danssara . shoes below
Dislike: some of the mag was aimless reading that was not that entertaining. The main features made up for the slack so skip to that.


La La said...

love this

Ella said...

well I know I can't get that magazine over here. would have been nice toget hold of it.
IA about Amanda's style.

Nikka costa's still around? I ain't heard from here in a while. (gosh, I make it soundlike we're old buds)