Harajuku Lovers Perfume just released this September & will be available at Macy's and other places where cute shit is sold. All though there will be five different flavor's the perfume comes in A part of me won't even care if it smells like ass because the bottle is so cute!! What do you guy's think Cute over Smelly?


Love — a floral with notes of bergamot, pomelo (citrus, a little like grapefruit), peach, rose, jasmine, orchid and musk

Lil’ Angel — a fruity floral with with notes of different berries (raspberry, cranberry, blackberry), pineapple, rose and amber

Music — a floral with notes of clementine, pear, jasmine, sweet pea, honeysuckle, vanilla and musk

Baby — a powder musk with freesia, bergamot, rose, jasmine, musk, heliotrope, vanilla and violet

G — a food lover’s fragrance with mandarin, coconut, apple, freesia and sandalwood

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