I never seen this ever...but there is such thing as blog post thiefs! haha. I thought when people made blogs they were suppose to be personal or even in your own words.. Its really sad & pathetic...

lateboots found out about it and made a post click here

(the person even stole some of our posts from DTY) lol you might recognize most of these persons
'posts' from popular websites like www.lateboots.blogspot.com & www.concreteloop.com find out who it is here (through lateboots I'm not gonna post the theifs link)


Yummie D said...

lol This shit makes me sad cause everyone takes time out to write their shit yah know & it's ur opinion so I let a ill comment on the Santogold x missbehave post that u wrote that they copied. & gave u the cred for it. they are Lame but not stressed!! dty keeps it moving & we aint trippin!! haha

sarah morrison said...

jesus i mean i saw stuff from c&d and threadtrend but he stole mad shit from you like straight up stole. crazy.

i stopped reading it cause it was stressing me out