It just hit around 40 below. Brrrrrrrr...The Ice Cream man is gone. & when he's gone that means summer is right behind him!! So that's when us ladies get ready for the fall gear, choose which heels are going to be hiking it through the snow & when everyone tracks down there cuddling mate for those cold nights. Usually me & my girls get together have a couple of drinks & talk about summer & how much it's going to miss us! The biggest topic u ask isnt about the boys we passed, where we visited it's about What was the summer 08' song!?

What was your banga
of summer 08


bellzRocka said...

hmm..hard choice but Me & my girls loved Brand New from Drake & lil wayne drake is such a cutie!!

Geena from FL said...

this is prolly played, but i banged out to lil wayne most of the summer! he was just hard to avoid