The Beat of the street

I myself am a hip-hop choreographer and dancer. So of course my all time favorite movies is dun.. dun.. dun... Breakin'! A classic that was released when i was only one but still set the standards for a classic hip hop,B-boy,jazz,back breakin break dancer all time favorite flick! This movie is crazy cool for those who enjoy Real movies about Real dancing! Ozone and Turbo break it DOWN! Oh yea and its also Ice-T's firs debut as a club MC!

I cant seem to get my hands on Part two though!


Anonymous said...

I love your posts .. and your personal blog!

Excuse My Woman Powers said...

Thank you mama!!! Hopefully i can do it full time!

Vixens;were ruthless said...

wow electric boogaloo 2, yooo i love this movie i cant find either anywhere i have to YOUTUBE this inorder to see it sheesh!!!!!