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DTY Ladies: I thought I'd write about someone who I've been listening to a lot lately. This is Murs. Which is an acronym for Making Underground Raw Shit. He's underground hip hop, even though he's gone a little main-stream, you might've seen him on MTV (boooo!) but he's still making good music! I recently went to his show in Boston with my boyfriend, where he got to meet Murs. He hung around after, signed autographs, talked to people, and took pictures. He definately appreciated the people who came out to see him. I love those type of artists! Check out his MYSPACE and download his cd "SWEETLORD" for FREEEEE! P.S. Murs has CRAZY dreads just like BASQUIAT!

He's on tour right now with Kids In The Hall - it's a great show!

Nov 13 2008 Tallahassee
Nov 14 2008 Orlando
Nov 15 2008 Gainseville
Nov 17 2008 New Orleans
Nov 18 2008 Austin
Nov 19 2008 Denton
Nov 21 2008 Kansas City
Nov 22 2008 Boulder
Dec 3 2008 Santa Barbara
Dec 5 2008 Berkeley
Dec 11 2008 Los AngelesCalifornia
Dec 12 2008 San Diego

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Anonymous said...

U Know I Love MURS Right? Thanks For Writing About Him Babycakes

J Baby said...

:D you're welcome sweetie ♥