DTYers: I know most of you probably know about the Cool Kids, if you don't I'm about to give you a whole bunch of ways you can check them out (besides their MYSPACE)! Cause you need to!

TOUR: The Cool Kids are on tour and if they're coming to a city near you please get to that show because they're not coming to Boston! See them for me! They're touring with Q-Tip and Janelle Monae or Pacific Division. I wish I could see all of these people! ::tear::

11.​13.​08 San Francisco
11.​14.​08 Santa Barbara​
11.​15.​08 West Hollywood
11.​16.​08 Las Vegas
11.​17.​08 Phoenix
11.​19.​08 Dallas
11.​20.​08 Austin
11.​21.​08 Houston
11.​22.​08 New Orleans
11.​24.​08 Atlanta
11.​26.​08 Ft. Lauderdale
11.​28.​08 Orlando
11.​29.​08 Charlotte
11.​30.​08 Washington D.C.
12.​02.​08 New York
12.​03.​08 Philadelphia
12.​06.​08 Chicago

MIXTAPE: If you head over HERE you can get a free download of this mixtape. This is a Complex Magazine and Mick Boogie collaboration. If you didn't read the "Leaders Of The New Cool" article in the October issue of Complex get on that! This mixtape features all the newcomers: Cool Kids, The Knux, B.o.B., and Charles Hamilton.

SONG: Another free download - from the coolest kids. Just fill out a few questions for 2ksports.com and you've got somethin' new to jam to. Go HERE.

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Yasluv♥ said...

Thanks for the link ladies!!

J Baby said...

you're very welcome :)

La La said...

I like your posts, this is good :)

J Baby said...

THANK YOU! that means a lot to me :) I hope I get to continue to write for DTY.

Anonymous said...


I might try to hit this up when it comes to Atlanta in 2 weeks. I love Mikey Rocks<333 I can't really get into too much of their newer music though o_O

J Baby said...

i ♥ mikey rocks tooo! MMMMM he's sexy!