Are you the type who has to know at least a few of the songs so you can sing along at the show?? I'm one of them hehe! I'm going to catch you up to Janelle Monae and Pacific Division, because YOU ARE going to the Cool Kids concert, right?!

Meet Janelle Monae, originally from Kansas City. She's signed to Bad Boy and she's very different from most of the other artists on the label. Janelle doesn't fit into one genre of music. She's described as futuristic, soul, rock, and alternative. Her style is nothing like I've seen in the music industry, also her dancing is.. different? lol. It sort of reminds me of Andre 3000 in the "Hey Ya" video lol. Check out her MYSPACE to hear her shtuff!

Ladies this is Pacific Division! These boys are from California but they're far from hyphy. I would describe them as nothing less than straight hip hop. If they're down with the Cool Kids then I'm all for 'em! I've listened to all their songs on MYSPACE and they do have a mixtape (Creme De La Creme) I just haven't gotten my hands on it.. yet!

If you're lucky and going to a Cool Kids show (see the post below) you're going to see one of these artists!

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Vixens;were ruthless said...

thank you J*baby for putting me on to Janelle Monae now I can not get enough of her. Especially her audution song "Cindi" and "Smile" awesome ballads. Hope you win.

J Baby said...

you're welcome! :) that made me smile lol. tell everyone you know to vote!!!