What do you think of Keyshia's new look...But it doesnt stop at her looks her music is also transformed. I'm so used to her saying "I dont love you no more" now she's saying "Baby don't stop yah love". I'm shocked, She must have found LOVE...owwwwwwwww. I love her voice, And that she switched it up and is trying new things. Check out her newest music HERE If you like what you hear cop' the album 12.26.08


deeteezy said...

hmm, I dont know if I like the switch up. I mean of course all artists evolve. but I feel like a lot of women really fucked with Keyshia cuz she wasnt tryna chase after a dude, she was empowering, you know? I dont know how they'll react to this new version of her. she's still beautiful as always though.

supreme. said...

i like the change, the hair & the music. that blonde/red/orange/rainbow shit she had in her head was ghetto.

KEY -KEY said...

very pinup
id smash