I'm sad because I haven't found new music that I'm completely in love with in FOREVER! Seems like now-a-days I like a new artist or cd and I'm over it before the weeks over. It's sad! I remember when I would find new artists, or even old artists that I hadn't heard all of their music, and I'd listen to them for at least 3 weeks. Can somebody somewhere please recommend me some new music/artists. I'm mostly into hiphop, r&b, and then there's those people like vampire weekend and m.i.a. or santogold who I can't put into a catergory. So yeah I like that kind of music too!

Does anyone else feel this way?!



Lizzy said...

I'd recommend for you to use pandora, it's an online radio music site that helped me explore a lot of new artists.

Also, I have an account on Last Fm which is the ultimate music site. They record songs you listen to & recommend new artists that you might like based on your taste in music.

Give it a chance!

leilanie said...

not sure if the first one went through.

imeem does the same as pandora now, just play a song you like and it'll follow it with other ones

check out:
- janelle monae - she's like a andre 3000 but her mellow songs are bomb too

- eyeasage - fam friend, filipina artist... conscious diva hiphop

- adriana evans - unappreciated r&b songstress

let me know how those go

J Baby said...

i have some of janelle monae already i'll check out the other two. thanks girls!

WilliamsWest said...

try stacy epps!!!

Strutt said...

I know how you feel. at least once a forthnight I'd add new songs/artists to my iPod. but I haven't done so in months.

I would recommend Mr Hudson on the Library. It might be a bit different to what you used to but I love him. and I saw him live when I went to see Kanye.