DTY: Teyana Taylor's 18th Birthday.

I was debating on whether or not this would seem relevant to DTY .. but I can't help but to show off Ms. Taylor. She looks absolutely smashing! She is rocking the hell out of that Herve Ledger dress too. What do you guys think of this look on her? I'd love to see her like this more often, but her signature look suits her just as well!

Teyana also has a blog that she used to regularly update. Check it out: Teyana Taylor's blogspot

for more pictures of her birthday party, check out her myspace.

(img src: necolebitchie and myspace)


Super Woman said...

i swear she looks like the chick from MTB4 the dance instructor ...Laury Ann LMAO

She does look great in the herve ledger i was expecting her to do something crazy and wear something more kiddy like she did for her sweet 16 ...im glad she's growing up

Yummie D said...

wow she actually looks like a lady..usually it's fitteds fro and baggy jeans lol

Brey said...

She's come a long way as far as looks but her voice is awful.

Sarah Noelle said...

it looked better on Serena on the college episode of Gossip Girl. Ive never been a fan of her face... Lol. sorry

David Kenneth said...

did not know she's legal... yeah im gonna have to get on my production GRIND lol