I need this ring!...but not this one I need help on finding the square type ring like this but doubled if you know a website that sells rings that are gold square and doubled can u tell me the website :)

I know this isnt really news related but I need help ladies lol

I need a ring similar to this one



Anonymous said...

Well I'm not sure about an actual ring but I know for a fact you could go to home depot / lowes and find a something just like this in silver. I forgot what it's called but it's silver instead and located wherever the screws and nails are. Hey it might work out the same!

Mickie Futura said...

you might want to check out alexandchloe.com - lots to choose from. :)

c'est la vie

La La said...

thanks mickie futura but thats where I seen the ring and searched on their site for a doubled one :(

thanks so much though! :)