DTY: Missbehave Magazine Will No Longer Print Issues

I thought I saw something on twitter the other day from Missbehave Magazine about them going digital but I never clicked the link or thought about it any more until I was reading the blog of Candied Jamz and came across a post about no more Missbehave Magazine and my heart dropped!

Sure enough, it's true that Missbehave Magazine will no longer be printing their issues but instead going 100% digital on their website coming this March.

I love Missbehave Magazine so much .. just flipping through the issue and looking at pictures alone is so fulfilling lol. Their magazine is like no other and I will miss print issues but maybe in this age and with the economy the way it is - we will be seeing a lot more of our favorites transitioning into digital magazines.


Whitney said...

april fools right?? i've never been so madddddddd at the internet!!!!! I'ma write a letter lol

imee said...

that's gotta be some kind of prank. life would cease to exist for me! i love missbehave!!!