Lady GaGa going from being a Brunette and preforming at the 2007 Lollapolooza concert half naked, flame blowing and on a key board Lady GaGa has come a long way from 2 years ago. Honestly I love her I don't care if people think that she has a stylist or that shes putting on show by dressing the way that she does literally 24/7 I love it all! her preforming is outstanding and I'm always drawn to what she does! so keep on keeping on!

heres a old unreleased song from 2007 "fancy pants"


ILUVBlackWomen said...

Hey well i have only be subscribed for 2 days introducing me to new cool stuff from God Bless You Young Hip and Beautiful Women! but i am already falling in love with yall keep up the great posting!

kmX said...

I did a post about her a lil while ago. I didn't know her back then though! But I love the transformation.

Strutt said...

I think the brown her looks nice on her

Robër Pierre said...

the transformation was a great one!
I had never even knew of her I don't think as a brunette.. (hmmm)

but the whole mouthing of her having a stylist...
I mean if I was a star I would have a stylist too..
but only to the point of helping one pull together certain things and accepting suggestions you know..

(food for thought: your friend asks you what shoes should they wear with that top, you suggest boots , at that moment you're their stylist no? maybe not in name..)

everyone has a fashion sense and Lady Gaga definetly in my eyes has a great one. I highly doubt, an idea from a stylist was just thrown on her to dress / present herself the way she does.

in short.. (unlike my comment) I agree with ya Lala! lol