DeLorean Music Group, Equinox Professionals, & Aplomb Clothing Present...
The Day Job
Mixed By Qaptain Kwess

1. Voice Of The Metro (Intro) [prod. Arafat Yates of M1 Platoon]
2. Welcome To Me [prod. Equinox Professionals]
3. Go Hard (f./X.O. & Pro'Verb) [prod. AB The Producer]
4. Doin My Job [prod. David E. Beats]
5. Put Ya Hands Up! (f./Mouse aka The Waldorf Posterboy)
6. DMG (f./Cayan)
7. Like Me (f./Theo)
8. Bring It Back (f./Pro'Verb & Deron) [prod. Equinox Professionals]
9. The Baddest Chick (f./Pro'Verb & Orlando) [prod. Equinox Professionals]
10. Wild (Dilla Dope!)
11. The Nigga Moment (f./Pro'Verb & NandoMcFlyy.) [prod. Equinox Professionals]
12. All I Need [prod. G-Way]
13. Failure 2.0
14. The Rapture (f./Pro'Verb) [prod. Equinox Professionals]
15. 2 Sick (f./RAtheMC) [prod. Cap City]
16. Universal Mind Control
17. Billy The Kid Interlude [prod. J-Scrilla]
18. Misunderstood (The Explanation)
19. Dollars
20. Blue Collar Chronicles [prod. David E. Beats]
21. DMV It Ain't Hard To Tell (w./Mouse aka The Waldorf Posterboy)
22. The Willie Lynch Chip (Self-Hate)

Straight out of the DMV, a serious artist to be on the look out for. This is his second mixtape, but this joint actually plays way more like an album than anything else. If you compare the 2 pieces of work, you can literally hear the growth on his tracks. He has a lot of collabs with the DMV's best. A definite download for any true hip hop head. And the one thing I truly like about this mixtape is the fact that all of the tracks sound different. I hate when an artist gets a sound, and just sticks with it, like womp, you're boring me. I can definitely appreciate the variety he gives his listeners, and I like how he's not trying to be anybody but Lyriciss, you go boy!



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