I'm sure you heard about Disney's First black princess, blah blah blah. Well I just seen the preview when I was watching Bolt yesterday. I was like geez finally, then I researched some of it online & here are some facts:
The movie will be based in New Orleans
She's the first American Princess
The happy couple will be interracial
There first attempt at making the movie
the girl was going to be a chamber maid and her
name was going to be Maddy but because of controversy & Racism
they changed that and now her name is Tiana.
The movie will be dropping Christmas 2009


Rachie-Pie said...

yea, iv read alot of bloody debates about this movie geezz, mostly about the dude being to white for a black guy?!...now some of the black community are saying that their kids wont be able to handle or undertsand the interarcial relationship! bloddy get over it..its a kids movie! People love to moan, they will never be happy!!!!never be satisfied! No doubt people are going to say that she is not black enough...but don't they understand people have different tones!!

I am just going to kick back and enjoy this movie like i do with every other disney film!!

Kisa Zoea said...

I was so mad i missed the audition for the voice over for this...SMH!

Cant wait to see it!

cake said...

Her dress reminds me of Cinderella I guess its the colors lol but I'm excited for this. People can't just sit back and enjoy shit - it's always a debate about something!

Miss Pauline said...

Yes people are making a huge deal out of this, and parents are pissed. Seriously though, some adults are sooooooooo closed minded. This is going to be a great movie for kids.

and LMFAO @ "Tiana" being her name instead of maddy.

Darling Cookie said...

lol wow. where have i been? missed the news about this one. DTY keeps me up to date. I soooo was always talkin to DITI about this shht. Cause she's Princess Jasmine lol. And she would be like Princess _____ cause disney don't have a black princess. well good shht! glad they decided to NOT make her a chamber maid named Maddy tho. Thats definitely some throwback shht. hahaha