video cred: missbehave

I remember when they use to have the fake powdered bubble gum candy cig's, I use to grab them from the corner bodega and that was bad enough. You didn't inhale you had to blow to make the fake smoke come out. Talk about a major way to promote cig's to kids! Crazy. Since they stopped making them I guess kids resorted to Smarties to smoke candy! Now I know everyone will be trying this.. Just dont do it in front of the kids!!


Kisa Zoea said...

lol....whoever came up with that was hella bored.SMH.

LALA said...

that is a damn shame! kids! LMAO

Rachie-Pie said...

I honestly think its quite cool, this kid is adament he is not promoting smoking but just making candy more fun! by the comments and the way he speaks this is all innocent!

HEARTBREAK Sound said...

not too seem like a fatass
but those cig stick candy actually taste yummy lol