Cover Girl: Lily Allen for Bust Magazine

She is still one of the baddest! - Lily Allen for Bust Magazine. I couldn't get a big image of the front cover but here's some shots from the spread. Click here to visit Bust's website/blog.

image credit: betseyj.com

side note: I haven't read this magazine before but I was browsing through the website and their blog is cool but I guess the graphics and typography reminds me of Nylon but I'll give them a shot anyways.

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nrose said...

Bust has been around longer then Nylon actually. It's really underrated within our age group (18 to mid twenties) and has a little more substance compared to Nylon (not just fashion, music, beauty products, etc.)
It's a good read and usually has tons of interesting stuff in it. Its a good change from your average fashion mag.