DTY: Code 10 Make up Help!

Okay, I've said this before in comments but incase you didn't know, I know nothing about make up! I don't think it's a bad thing that I don't but some females act like that makes me another species or something -__- I do have a kit that I sometimes wear but I'm looking to step my game up in certain areas so I'm coming to you ladies and readers on my knees begging for help!

This is one of my reference pictures because I feel this look is natural and could be recreated with what I already have and when I learn to do the eyeliner.

I had a starter kit of Pur Minerals from Ulta and it comes with some 4 n 1, marble blush, and mineral glow. I bought it maybe June or July 2008 and I just now ran out of 4n1 and these are little starter things so I dont wear this a lot but I'm definitely going to get more. I think I'm good with this brand and when I did wear it, it takes like two minutes to put on so I'm all for that. Plus it doesn't look like a lot and I want it to look as natural as possible. Maybe when I hit level 5, I'll graduate to different blushes and who knows maybe eye shadow!

So here is a list of what I think I'm going to pick up so hopefully you can give me some good recommends of each thing. If you think I'm forgetting something let me know. I'm just looking for basic things really. It would be easier to just get make up done whenever I wanted to look extravagant but there are some basic things I want to learn to do on my own.

a new mineral brush: I just found out you should use different brushes so it's a good thing I don't wear the stuff that often! The kit came with a chisel brush that I got a little damp and had to replace. I thought I did good by buying a Jane brush but I noticed the difference and it seemed to go on heavier and didnt leave that smooth look. I think my Jane brush is messed up so any good brush recommends?

What do you put on before your make up? When I first began, after I washed my face I normally used clean and clear moisturizer or sometimes I'd do vaseline and wash it off. I noticed this made a big difference in the make up so I'm wondering what do other people do?

eye liner: I still don't know the point of this but my mom put it on for me once and I could tell the difference (I just dont remember what it was lol) I'll need eyeliner to have her fill in my eyebrows or add to them or line my eyes. Also, I think I'm just going to do it on the top and not the bottom. Recommends? She already told me to stay away from liquid eye liner .. and I tend to rub my face a lot so something that won't wipe off!

fake eyelashes: I posted the picture of Keri because the first thing I noticed were her eyelashes. They could be real but I'm assuming they are fake for now. I want some that aren't too Halloween ish and look natural (as in length and thickness) but you'd still notice them. Recommends? *for safety purposes I probably won't be doing this myself the first few times lol.

Also, back to that picture of Gabby above, I like her eyelashes too but I bet hers are natural and I probably can get mines to look like that with a little mascara so I'll buy both fake eyelashes and mascara. When I say my lashes are short, I do mean short!

mascara: I was just going to get some of the stuff that said it made your lashes look longer but it was too many! So I decided to go for fake eyelashes, but I saw a video that you need to put mascara on your fake eyelashes so I guess I'll need one for that.

lip gloss: I never wear anything but vaseline or carmex lol and I'm not sure I really like color so I found these pix of Vashtie for reference because I don't think it's a lot of color to whatever she's wearing. I'd like something like this and maybe something a little nude. Recommends?

primer: Idk what this is but a girl in Ulta told me she puts it on to make her make up do something .. stay in place?? I dont remember but I feel as if this could be essential.

I know this was a lot so I'd appreciate any help and recommends! I also promise pictures and details of whatever I get plus pictures when I get my make up done and whenever I do it myself!



Tashur Raquel said...

i love gabrielle. but that pic..the makeup is way off &
shes isnt that light. and all the white around the cheekbone area is too much, in my opinion. To me, the natural look is where you can look at a person and think they have no makeup on at all.


^ i like her makeup in this pic. more so her complexion/natural.

Great post.

sistargirl said...

mascara: colossal [it's this huge yellow tube, can't miss it] doubt you'd need fakies after using this.

primer: mac fix+ prime stuff are pretty good with spf. i break out a lot and these do no harm

eyeliner: avon is good i heard.

c_ke. said...

Oh, yes I will definitely not be looking dry lol. I noticed that about her cheek bones but I was looking more at her eyes and how she doesnt have on a lot of color etc thats what I meant by natural in that picture.

BUT the picture you just posted is even better *just loaded* Okay thats a better example of what I'm looking for! Thank you!

c_ke. said...

sistargirl: Thank you! I will try colossal first before I go for fakies!

Rubinstein said...

telescopic from LOREAL is a great mascara too! i just love how it can look sophisticated but natural if you wear a lil less of it. Fake lashes are to be used on nights out or big makeup, not for everyday in my opinion. Im definitely gonna try the "colossal" mascara soon

sistargirl said...

ok, let me redo. i'm home now so i can look at my stuff.

so before putting make up, i put on the moisturizer (it really depends on your skin type) i use Neutrogena's Rapid Clear Acne Moisturizer then MAC's prep + prime

brushes: you might as well splurge on a MAC brush. they're worth it. ask the ladies what's best for bronzers

eyeliner: Loreal's Telescopic eyeliner is liquid but is good [i like liquid cuz it doesn't smudge when i smile since i have the asian eyes. also, if you mess up with liquid you can always get a qtip and clean off the part you don't like. Loreal's hip kohl eyeliner is cool too. it's powder. you might wanna check it out on youtube how people apply it.

lipgloss: burts bees lip shimmer. mac's oyster girl, nar's orgasm.

ok. hope those help! p.s. always good subscribing to ulta's catalog for coupons to save you a couple bucks. feel free to experiment too, sephora and ulta have great return policies!

J Baby said...

lol reading this was funny cause i know exactly how you feel! i'm just as clueless as you are!

i've just started to wear eyeshadow, when you get there you'll have fun. i don't bother to where foundation or anything cause i don't think i really need it. try some eyeshadow! even if you don't put primer or vaseline on first it's fun to experiment and it's the easiest thing to experiment with!

Whitney said...

colossal is my shittttttttttt!!!

CeCe said...

I use BadGal Lash by Benefit and Colossal (as my purse backup when i run out the house without makeup on).....either one is great, i am always getting stopped and asked if my lashes are real (ruuude, lol).

oh yeah for a primer i love urban decay's primer potion!

_Flagrant said...
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Asha Minaj said...

nothing wrong about being clueless when it comes to make up.as a make up artist you learn by practice. A great suggestion for eyeliner is BlackTrack by mac its oil based so you don't have to worry about it running or smearing, you need an angled brushed to achieve the look like keri start thin as you go along towards the outer corner of your eye you'll make a thicker line it'll give you the illusion of having false lashes and a sexier exotic eye =o)

For a natural look you want to stick to your earth tone colors; remember u want to look as if u have little to no make up on Gabrielle's make up is more on the night life side a little dramatic on the eyes so golds, creams, browns even a light pastel pink will give u ur everyday natural look for shadows

andrea said...

I always look at YouTube tutorials on makeup...try to search like "natural look makeup tutorial" or something like that...they will show you step-by-step!