I know we usually post fashion and fun things and most news is celeb or fashion related but I think light really needs to be shown on these situations and I haven't heard ANY major news coverage at all about this and I don't know why.

In the last few weeks it's been two suicides (that I know of) of two young boys, both age 11 who were constantly bullied at school. You can click the articles above to read their stories but basically both boys had endured constant bullying at school and taunts of being gay and even their parents had reported the incidents to teachers/school officials and nothing was done about either child's situation.

Maybe to some people it's nothing wrong with this at all and it's common for young children to end their lives but to me I find something really wrong with this picture and I believe something needs to be done about this. This really hits home with me because I have a dozen nieces and nephews all under the age of 10 and passion for kids and helping them so to see anyone ESPECIALLY a child being hurt physically or emotionally really strikes a nerve with me and these stories have left me with a sick feeling.


Whitney said...

umm hell yeah. This is so sad!! I wish someone had reached out to them, it's upsetting and makes me sick also.

For the Bullies: all that shit starts at home and in the media. If you dont think it;s right to say something or do something around a child, then you should not be doing it at all because children pick up on it even if there not your own!! That's why there's such low self esteem in this country & shit like this happens.


J Baby said...

i sometimes wish i could go back to being a kid because i'm so much more outspoken now than i was. i would have stopped a lot more things! always teach your younger siblings, cousins, friends, whatever to say something if they see something!

LuvinNaTNaT said...

soo sad..It really does start at home. I pray that never happens to anyone in my family. It's sad that it happens