This morning I woke up to this in my inbox:
Hellz™ presents the second installment of our Spring '09 collection, Renegades of Funk, a tribute collection to the Electro-Sound of the 80's in NYC. Paying homage to the string of electro 12" records by Soul Sonic Force & Afrika Bambaataa including our all time favorite, "Renegades of Funk," which truly stood on its own without trying to sound (or not sound) like Planet Rock or Looking For The Perfect Beat. It was a song that was a beat of its own, a beat that the Hellz female can nod to!

Adding color, to our often dark color schemes, the new palette took onto shape during a long day at work, when Renegades of Funk was on the tunes, inspiring a vibrant, cultural, funk style often synonymous to Bambaataa. Even with the infusion of brighter colors and femme silhouettes, Hellz' imaginary muse; the badass woman is very much present with her toughness all but heightened by the juxtaposition of soft and hard fabrications. 

"Now renegades are people with their own philosophy, they change the course of history..." - Afrika Bambaataa, Renegades of Funk

The last time the fashion industry experienced a female liberation movement was during the "bra burning 60's." Bras, high heels, make-up and other items supporting the unattainable, standard of beauty, were lit aflame in a "freedom trash can" to symbolize opposition to sexual oppression.

Traditionally, the womens wear industry has been flooded with hyper-feminine pieces with low necklines and bias cuts leaving females choice less. With little to no options, females were only recently given quality alternatives.

Since 2005, Hellz has provided fashion alternatives for the bold fashionista with edgy tops, jackets, denim and accessories, influenced by all things subversive; from the gritty streets of New York to sexploitation flicks of the 1960's and 1970's. Founder Lanie Alabanza-Barcena, continues to defy al the rules of conformity and any fashion entity that claims a woman's style cannot breach strength, individuality and feminine flair simultaneously.

I'm definitely feeling the Coco Hellz shirt,purple jacket & the other jacket. How about you?

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